Otty Mattress review: Save a HUGE 50% on the Original Hybrid

Edward Munn
14 Nov 2022
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£700 for the king size

The Otty is among the best hybrid mattresses we’ve ever tested

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Save 50% on the Otty Original Hybrid

In Otty's current sale, you can save up to 50% on a range of products sitewide, including the Original Hybrid. The Original Hybrid is an excellent choice if you prefer a firmer feel, and this current sale sees the price of a king size version reduced from £1,100 to just £550.
Save 50%

Otty is one of the less well-known companies in the UK’s crowded bed-in-a-box market, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s inferior.

The company’s CEO, Michal Szlas, set up Otty in 2016 because there were no mattresses he liked that didn’t cost a small fortune. Specifically, he felt most memory foam mattresses were too warm and that inexpensive pocket sprung mattresses didn’t offer high enough levels of comfort.

The Otty mattress delivers emphatically in overcoming both of those problems and it’s competitively priced, too, making it one of my favourite bed-in-a-box mattresses.

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Otty Mattress review: What you need to know

Although the company is based in the UK, Otty’s mattress is manufactured in China. Like the Simba Hybrid and Eve Hybrid mattresses, it’s a hybrid, which means it’s made from a combination of pocket springs and foam.

The top layer is 30mm of Otty’s “cool blue gel” memory foam, which helps prevent the heat from building up. Below this is another 30mm of “reflex” foam that relieves pressure points when you sleep.

At its core, though, the Otty mattress has 2,000 (in king size) pocket springs, which make up 140mm of its depth. That’s significantly more spring than you find in the Eve Hybrid or Simba Hybrid, which have 90mm and 20mm coils respectively. Finally, there’s a 50mm high-density foam base, which acts as a solid foundation for the mattress.

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Otty Mattress review: Price and competition

Since we intially reviewed the Otty Hybrid, its cost has gradually crept up. The most recent price increase has seen it rise by another £50. A single will now cost you £550, a double £750, and a king £850. Despite this, it's still more affordable than some of its hybrid rivals, including the Simba Hybrid (£999 in a king size) and the Brook + Wilde Lux (£899). Plus, Otty runs regular promotional discounts, so you'll rarely have to pay full price. 

If you’re after a more traditional pocket-sprung mattress with natural fillings, you won’t find much that can compete with Otty in terms of value for money, but John Lewis’ Natural Collection Hemp 2500 should give you a good point of comparison. 

Otty Mattress review: Features

Unlike some bed-in-a-box mattresses, which lack edge support, another of the Otty’s key selling points is a strong foam side support that aims to increase the amount of usable sleeping space by as much as 25%. This structure is perforated so that air can still reach all areas of the mattress, and help you stay cool when sleeping.

In total, the Otty is 250mm deep, which means it’ll take standard fitted sheets. The company recommends you use a mattress protector, but another key benefit Otty boasts over most of its competitors is that it has a fully removable, machine washable cover.

The mattress works on all types of bed base including a solid platform, adjustable base, and solid or sprung slats, and to improve its longevity (and voiding the warranty), you should rotate it once a month for the first six months.

Although the Otty mattress has a 100-night money-back trial – during which the company will collect it for free if you don’t like it – you can try lying on one at the company’s Leeds showroom or at a select few Next Home stores before parting with your hard-earned cash.

The mattress is suitable for those weighing up 138kg (per person) and its warranty covers it against manufacturing defects for up to ten years.

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Otty Mattress review: Performance and comfort

Considering it has large, 140mm springs and firm side supports, the first thing that struck me about the Otty mattress was how small it compresses down when it’s vacuum packed.

The only other bed-in-a-box mattress we’ve tested with comparably long springs – the Eve Hybrid – packs down just as small but measures only 180mm deep once fully expanded, which is 70mm thinner than the Otty.

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As with all bed-in-a-box mattresses, the first step before you can sleep on your new Otty mattress is to slide it out of its cardboard box and slit open its large polythene bag so it can expand fully. Otty says it takes around four hours before the mattress is ready to lie on but that it can take some time longer to reach its intended shape.

This means you’ll have no problems using the mattress the same day it’s delivered, should you need to. The only downside is that, during this period, like most memory foam mattresses it does smell a bit. It’s by no means unbearable but, if you can, it’s best to give the mattress a few days airing out to allow the odour to subside.

When it came to lying on the mattress for the first time, I was taken back at just how comfortable it was. Where most bed-in-a-box mattresses do a perfectly good job of combining firm, supportive foundations with soft comfort layers, the Otty just seemed to do it that little bit better.

Before elaborating, I should add that I’m partial to a firm mattress, and the Otty’s combination of different layers provide a feel that’s definitely at the firmer end of what I’ve experienced from all-foam and hybrid mattresses: perhaps 7.5 or 8 out of 10.

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Despite having 2,000 140mm pocket springs, what makes the Otty mattress feel so comfortable is that it’s not obviously sprung. While I could feel the springs when pushing down on the mattress shortly after unpacking it, this simply wasn’t the case when I laid on it.

There’s definitely more bounce than you get from Simba’s small, 20mm conical springs, but Otty’s coils offer a more subtle sensation than the Eve Hybrid. I’m not sure if that’s because it has two layers of foam (the Eve Hybrid has one comfort layer over a firmer, robust casing) or because it has more, lower diameter springs, but the overall feel is akin to lying on a luxury pocket sprung mattress, where you feel superbly supported without being able to pick out the different layers you’re lying on.

The mattress’ firmness does mean it’s probably better suited to heavier people who like to sleep on their backs, but I was comfortable on my side and front too, with the comfort layers compressing enough to prevent pressure points but not so much that I felt my hips were sinking.

What’s more, the mattress’ 250mm depth and solid-foam foundation mean it should work well on any type of bed. With some thinner mattresses, the yielding nature of a sprung slatted base can result in a drastically different level of support when compared to a solid platform but, having tested the Otty on both the floor and a sprung slatted bedstead, I can confirm the differences are fairly subtle.

Where the Otty mattress truly excelled, though, was temperature control. All-foam mattresses are normally noticeably warmer than sprung varieties, and even hybrid mattress can suffer from similar properties if they have foam top layers. Otty's mattress stands apart, though and its “Cool Blue Gel” memory foam layer kept me cool and sweat-free during several nights of a recent heatwave.

I’d go as far as saying it’s the one synthetic mattress I’ve tested that can rival a traditional pocket sprung mattress with natural fillings for temperature-related comfort. Like some of its rivals, the comfort layers of the Otty mattress do feel a little softer when you get up in the morning than when you get into bed but the underlying foundation of pocket springs meant I always felt adequately supported.

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Otty Mattress review: Verdict

There are so many big bed-in-a-box brands to choose from, and it’s easy to be tempted into thinking bigger names have got where they are by making better products but that’s clearly not always the case.

The Otty mattress is one of the best, if not the best hybrid mattress, we’ve tested to date because it provides outstanding support, comfort and temperature control at a highly competitive price.

Mattresses preference is a very personal thing and, if you don’t like a firm bed, then you should probably give Otty a miss. Otherwise, it’s difficult to pick out any other mattress that offers everything the Otty does at such a low price. Moreover, it has a 100-day money back guarantee, so even if you disagree, you won’t be out of pocket as a result.

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