Prepare the HDR images

If you don't have the hardware yet to make your own HDR 360, but want to try and stitch one, or just to see if your PC can handle it all, I've uploaded the un-edited images from samplepack 03 for you to play with here.

Pre-editing the single images:

Before we take the images further for stitching or HDR merging, we first have to correct the single images. I will explain how this is done using Photoshop and its brilliant action recorder.

  • Open up a single image with median exposure. Now click Window – Actions, or press Alt-F9 to open up the actions screen. Create a new action using the icon or. Name it something like “Bracketed images correction”. When we click record, the action is created, and every adjustment we make to the image will be recorded and can be applied to a whole folder of images



  • Fist we will make the image linear in color space, by clicking Image - Adjustments - Levels or press Ctrl-L. In the center box we can correct the gamma to 1.1 to get the linear color space.


  • Now let’s reduce the chromatic aberration. Click Filter – Distort – Lens correction. Here we can correct the blue and red fringe separately. Zoom in to 100% on a sharp transition between dark and light, like the branch of a tree to clearly see the result. Remember the abberation is at its strongest in the corners, and weaker in the center of the image. Check both places for a good result!
  • You may want to correct the vignetting of your lens too once you are here.



  • As a finishing touch we will apply an unsharp mask. Click Filter - Sarpen - Unsharp mask. Keep the radius lower as 1, and the amount less than 100 to avoid extreme results. Less is more here.


  • Now we are finished with our adjustments so we can stop the action recording. Close the image without saving, it will be processed along with the rest in the batch command.


  • Now click File – Automate – Batch. In the popup screen select your fresh saved action and the folder where the images are saved, and where you want the edited images to be saved. In the "File Naming" section add something to the filename, like _edit, and click OK. Enjoy a cup of tea when you watch Photoshop come to life!



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